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Photo Ads

$10 month with a minimum of 2 months. With a photo ad the viewer clicks on the small picture to view the larger picture. Please note, the text is not on the same page as the larger picture, as it is with a website/poster.
Special Offer: Website/Poster
Many Equine Sites offer photoads, but Island Horses gives you much more than that.
For $25 month (with a 2 month minimum) you can have your own website/poster which is a temporary one page web site featuring your horse for sale, his pictures and his pedigree. After 2 months the renewal fee is $15.00 month.

This means that your website is linked within Island Horses, but not dependent on it. Your own website address can be included in any print publication, or linked to any equine site of your choosing.
A viewer does not have to go through Island Horses in order to see your full page ad.This offer is especially helpful for people who do not want or need a permanent website.

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